The Hotel Grand Melbourne, the World’s Longest Lunch and the Spy

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So sad, too bad, the premier food event in Australia is booked out. You’ll have to plan ahead for next year. Yes, I’m talking about the Bank of… Read More »


Water used in food production

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For most of us, food comes more-or-less ready to eat. Sure, ingredients might need to be combined together – things heated, sifted and folded. If ingredients are purchased… Read More »


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  Whilst I definitely prefer to cook savory food there’s nothing quite like baking. I find it very therapeutic, and my kids love coming home from school to… Read More »

Koala Storage and the Uncle’s Tragedy

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 Douglas works for Koala Storage. They offer self-storage lockers and general self-storage solutions in Perth. Douglas always has a story. For every locker, for every storage-unit there is… Read More »

Burch Family Wines, the Impact, the Consequences

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Gerry closed his eyes savoring the wine. He put his nose in the glass to smell it once more and then spat what was in his mouth into… Read More »

morrocan chicken and lentils

High-Protein Morrocan Chicken and Lentils

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Protein is one of the most vital dietary components in any animal’s diet. Protein helps your body build new cells, maintain tissues and synthesise new proteins which enable… Read More »


Sustainable Cooking and Melbourne’s Sustainable Living Festival

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Even those of us with a passion for food and cooking can find our enthusiasm overridden by the demands of day-to-day life. Our intentions to buy only organic… Read More »

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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2014

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Budding chefs, wine connoisseurs or anyone who simply loves a good feed, prepare yourself for the return of the pre-eminent Melbourne Food and Wine Festival on February 28th… Read More »


Old-Style Food For An Old-Style House

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We’ve all seen the TV shows: a celebrity chef arrives at a centuries-old, heritage-listed property, inspects the cooking facilities (downstairs, of course), and prepares a meal that reflects … Read More »


Giving Your Body A Clean Slate

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Country cooking is good for the mind, and good for the soul. However, eating country-style cooking is not necessarily always quite as good for the body. Old-style recipes… Read More »